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Your donations help the STEM Impressionists make STEM an inclusive, hands-on experience for marginalized students. By supporting our seminars, national presentations, and teacher and student scholarships, you are championing SIP’s mission to support minority students in STEM!
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Seminar Resources

Giving at this level will help us provide seminar resources for one attendee.


Publishing Resources

Help us create six $500 STEM scholarships for High School students!


Teaching Resources

Support us in creating three $1,000 teachers grants that can fill their classrooms/ or after-school programs with STEM materials!


STEM Summer Camps

We conduct STEM seminars and Hackathons! We like students to keep the materials so that they can continue to explore STEM at home! Giving at this level helps us make STEM accessible by hosting summer camps!


Self-Paced Learning Resources

Through curriculum, we offer students the ability to take on self-guided learning, while simultaneously offering teachers the ability to bring engaging and interactive content into classrooms and seminars.

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