About Us – Orig SIP Website


Ms. DeHart created the STEM Impressionists Group to work with Glasgow Students who are interested in exploring STEM. The main objectives for this club are: 

1) To ensure that the participants engage in STEM activities that are documented and can be showcased. Recording student engagement in STEM activities not only gives them the ability to evidence the quality of their knowledge/skills but offers them the opportunity to create a resume that can be used to support their qualifications when they are applying to colleges and for scholarships. 

2) To create an avenue of career exploration by introducing students to different STEM career paths. Providing students with an opportunity to speak to experts in different STEM fields allows them to get a feel as they narrow their interests. Being able to teach STEM skills to others gives students a solid hands-on interaction with the topic/tool as well as having a more in-depth understanding of how the topic/tool works.

3) To introduce STEM to students and their peers. This attribute affords students with the opportunity to give back to their community, it allows them to gain professional presentation/communication as well as the practical hands-on skills they need to prepare them for their 21st-century careers.

The Cohort

After middle school students have the opportunity to continue their exploration of STEM by committing to be a member of the cohort.  The objectives of the cohort are:  

1. To engage in training that leads to certifications in coding, robotics, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, and other career-valued STEM skills. Upon certification students are encouraged to use their skills to teach other students via peer-to-peer training during the Hour of Code, at Glasgow’s summer STEM camp, at George Mason’s summer FOCUS STEM camp, and other opportunities that allow students to learn and then apply the 21st century skills of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, creativity, planning, and self-determination (grades 10-12).

2. To be leaders for the program. The STEM Impressionists is a program that is being develop by and for the students that participate in it. In order for the program to stay relevant students and adult facilitators have to work together to create, sustain, and grow the program. Student participation and feedback are integral to that process. Students in the “Next Step” of the program are experienced and mature enough to represent the program at STEM seminars as well as providing leadership for the STEM activities taking place at the middle school level (grades 10-college). 

3. To participate in the STEM Impressionists cohort. As students encouraged to build and record their STEM experiences so that they can use them to facilitate their IB/MYP project, apply for STEM internships, apply for College/University scholarships and apply to the high school(i.e. Thomas Jefferson/Edison High School) and eventually the college/university/career of their choice. Because the program anticipates students running into career challenges, like the “glass ceiling” (https://goo.gl/rx6LHX) the program incorporates a mentorship atmosphere that turns into a formal cohort in 9th grade. The objective is for students to become their own networking and mentorship cohort that matures with them throughout their lifetime – giving back to students throughout the K12 system over the course of their careers (grades 10-life)